Summer drinks

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Absolutely! Here are short descriptions for the beverages:

1. **Iced Chocolate Drink:** Indulge in a cool, velvety blend of rich chocolate, served over ice. A delightful treat for any chocolate lover.

2. **Iced Hazelnut Chocolate Drink:** Experience the perfect fusion of creamy hazelnuts and decadent chocolate, served chilled for a refreshing twist on a classic favorite.

3. **Iced Coffee Latte:** A revitalizing pick-me-up of smooth, cold coffee combined with creamy milk, served over ice. Simple, yet utterly satisfying.

4. **Iced Coffee Hazelnut Latte:** Enjoy a delightful twist on the classic iced latte, with the warm embrace of hazelnut complementing the invigorating notes of coffee.

5. **Iced Mocha:** Savor the harmonious blend of robust coffee, decadent chocolate, and creamy milk over ice. A delightful balance of flavors for a cool coffee treat.

6. **Iced Oatmilk Matcha Latte:** Experience the refreshing fusion of vibrant matcha and creamy oat milk, served cold. A matcha made in beverage heaven.

7. **Iced Yuzu Lemonade:** A zesty and invigorating delight, combining the bright citrusy notes of yuzu with the refreshing kick of lemonade, served over ice.

These beverages promise a delightful range of flavors and sensations to suit every palate, making them the perfect companions for warm days or any time you crave a refreshing drink.

Pick Up Information:

  • Location: Queenwood shops, 11 Herbert road, Hamilton 3210
  • Day: Fariday - Saturday 
  • Time: 8:00 AM - 13:00 PM

To savor these delectable treats, be sure to place your order by Thursday, 12 noon. This way, you'll have the chance to pick them up fresh and ready for a friday or Saturday filled with flavor!

Orders open for pick up only from Queenwood cafe Friday-Saturday 9am-1pm and Hamilton Farmers Market (every Sunday 8am-12noon).


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